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Renata Cruz
Galería Blanca Soto



Could we live in a gallery? Is it possible to transform the white cube into a living space? Brazilian artist Renata Cruz (Araçatuba, São Paulo, 1964) recreates a domestic scene at the Galería Blanca Soto, in Madrid. Using small drawings depicting realist looking tiles, Cruz builds a display with various everyday objects. Titled Forever Plus One Day, the exhibition drawings inspiration from the writings of Jorge Luis Borges. In this case, the multiple cultural references contained in the literature by the Argentinean writer become excellent accompaniments for a curatorial concept that combines origins, techniques and traditions.

There are vases with flowers, candles, a mango sliced in two halves, and an oil dispenser bottle. Further ahead, there are also ceramic cups, a red leaf, and fruit peels. There are also geometric figures and decorative modules. The blue and white colors used refer to Portuguese craft traditions. In fact, the exhibition project was born from Cruz´s experiences in Lisbon, where she presented a solo show at the Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa.

But there also other elements that refer us to Japanese culture, like the Momiji or maple tree, whose foliage turns into an intense color after autumn, And Japan is precisely another place needed to understand the exhibition. Renata Cruz presented a solo show at the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre that helped her resume her inquiries on the passing of time, on the things that remain, and those things dear to us, even if they are silent.


Ana Folguera, 2017




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